Decisions, Decisions. Oh, the way the tables have actually turned! For months and months students have been waiting patiently to know back from USC using their admission choice. Those decisions have been made and now we are waiting anxiously to know whether or maybe not you are going to come to USC. We realize that every single one of our admitted students is just a fit that is great. We also know you have a really tough decision to make in just under a month that you will have many great options and. You want to make that choice a little easier so we have programs throughout the month of April that will show why USC is the fit that is right.

Your admit packet carries a pamphlet with all of your options. I highly encourage you to definitely attend at least one of the programs we offer before making a decision that is final. Even if you’ve been to campus several times or you have attended an autumn off-campus reception, the admitted student programs will enable you to see the University through a much different perspective- now you are an admitted student! By now you probably have numerous questions about USC. Why should I choose USC? What’s going to the incoming class look like? Social life? Academic resources? Housing options? Educational funding? The admitted student programs are built to give responses to these questions and several more. Elements of some of our programs are specifically created for you for more information about your admission to the spring term or even to introduce you to the diverse communities on campus. We really do want that will help you make the best decision.

We within the Office of Admission are very excited to meet you after spending months and months getting to know you through your application, so when you do come visit us either at our on-campus programs or off-campus receptions, make sure to introduce yourself. This week i will be heading down to South Florida working on my tan, eat some Cuban meals, and take some great pictures. But most of all, i’m looking forward to seeing every one of my students at the Miami program on Wednesday night!

As soon as again congratulations in your admission and now we desire to see you soon!

Choosing the right college for YOU

It’s the midst of April, meaning kids across the country have not as much as 2 weeks to make a huge decision: which university to wait for the following four years. We keep in mind quite vividly how I felt during the month of April when I was a senior school senior—panic, excitement, pressure, fear of the unknown, and anticipation and hope for the future. I spent weeks agonizing over different options and colleges that are comparing, in hindsight, are like comparing apples and oranges. Also so, I discovered a great deal through the experience and also have found that there are various factors students take into account when causeing this to be life-changing decision.

  • Gut Feeling By now, you’ve likely visited a college campus or many. If you don’t, now will be the time to have a tour that is virtual read through to the college, and perhaps talk to current students. Sometimes it comes down to a feeling that really tips the scales and helps student decide which college campus they want to call ‘home’ for the better part of 4 years. It might be in other students because you felt comfortable at the school or felt like you recognized pieces of yourself. Or possibly you can’t maybe explain it&mdash you saw one thing occur during a college visit that just clicked for you. Whatever the case may be, a gut feeling can get a way that is long.
  • Advantages and Cons Quite the opposite of the gut feeling approach, making a pros and cons list or creating a chart that compares and contrasts colleges in numerous areas employs a far more approach that is formulaic. This is helpful in organizing exactly what you are looking for in an university and what is truly of value for you. Are you searching for opportunities to double major or pursue a small? Do you thrive in a big classroom setting or prefer more intimate, discussion-based classes? Do you want to be near a city or in a college town that is small? This method can help you sort often your ideas and assessments.
  • Rankings, Reputation and Stereotypes we are all familiar with common stereotypes related to different schools, nevertheless, these stereotypes usually skip the mark—by a shot that is long. I hear students who say they want to attend a ‘prestigious university’ but they are unable to define what makes an institution ‘prestigious’ or how this goes to affect their college experience. Similarly, students will disregard a college that is potential to a poor reputation and rumor they believe become true. It is critical to understand your source and find the truth out about any schools you are looking at. Just must be college is rated as a ‘top college’ somewhere doesn’t mean that it is the right college or best fit for everyone. That features you.

There are lots of other facets, techniques, and methods to evaluate what college will provide you utilizing the ideal experience. In the final end, it’s probably best to select the school that you identify with one way or another.